PHD Delivered Fresh
PHD has been bringing great tasting freshly made pizza to your home at excellent value since its launch. Why do they taste so good? Our pizzas are made using special handmade, tossed dough, healthy cornmeal and mouth watering fresh ingredients, and there you have it!
PHD pizza delivery provides you with an unforgettable experience. It’s the art of pizza tossing that makes PHD pizzas taste so unique and exceptionally good. When you take your first bite, you can really taste the light and airy crust with a soft crunch. This is the delicious difference of a truly hand-tossed pizza.
PHD Hand Tossed Pizza
Every one of our traditional pizzas is created using “hand-tossed” pizza dough with specially selected wheat bread flour. This special dough is stored in just the right temperature, with fluctuations within 1-4 degrees to let the dough slowly ferment and create the right amount of heat in order for the dough to preserve its natural elasticity. After shaping the pizza base, it is topped with the freshest of ingredients, and flavored sauces. While it's baking, the pizza's aroma is simply divine! As you bite into a mouth-watering piece, you would have had your eyes already on the next slice.
PHD Tailored to Your Daily Need
Apart from the signature hand tossed pizza, our fried chicken, dip dip fries, snacks, pasta and rice are also available which suit everyone’s needs. No matter it’s for the family, white-collar worker or a student’s night in, PHD has something to offer.